Founded in 1984 by a group of insurance industry fraud investigators, the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) is the professional association of expert insurance fraud investigators. IASIU is committed to fighting all forms of insurance crime. The organization is dedicated to:

  • Providing the very best in fraud awareness training to its members;
  • Promoting a coordinated effort within the industry to combat insurance fraud;
  • Supporting legislation that acts as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud;
  • Developing a greater awareness of the problem of insurance fraud.
IASIU has more than 4000 members around the world and more than 40 chapters that regularly host meetings and conferences. IASIU and its chapters provide an unparalleled networking opportunity for its members.

IASIU Europe itself was founded in 2000. Since then the chapter has built up a strong international network working against insurance fraud. Six very successful seminars have been held for education and networking since 2000 and IASIU Europe is still continuing to grow as an organization.