A Career through IASIU.
Little did I know when I was 18 years of age and starting my law enforcement career in the Netherlands what the future held? Initially, it was great making it through training and becoming a police officer and thought I would be doing this the rest of my life!
However, life changes, and getting older, wiser and getting married (and having children) I changed my view on my career and future. I started to look for information on careers outside the government. In doing so, I got in contact with smaller private investigation firms and yes, I learnt there many opportunities outside than my then current government job. I realised that I needed to step out of the, sometimes ridged, government organization, where I had worked for over 16 years, and find a different, commercial professional environment to work in.
In 2008 I was approached by Interpolis/Achmea, the biggest insurance company in the Netherlands, to join their SIU and it was only a matter of weeks before I joined. A few months into my new job, one of my colleagues told me about the IASIU, which I joined in 2009 and attended my first seminar in 2010 in Bad Kreuznach Germany. This was to become the new foundation for my current career.
At the Bad Kreuznach seminar, I met several interesting people from different parts of the world, whom I stayed in contact with on both a personal and professional basis. As a result of this networking, I was able to help them with information and conversely, I could reach out to them for assistance.
Moreover, membership of IASIU, has also enabled me to be able to reach out to people that I do not know but are IASIU members.
For example, while conducting an investigation I needed to determine if certain information was correct. The challenge was that the information needed to be verified in another country. However, through the contact list of IASIU, I reached out to an IASIU member in that specific country and introduced myself as a fellow IASIU member. Within 30 minutes I received a response together with the information I needed! At that time, I had left Interpolis and the company that I was then working for (a small private firm), was both surprised and impressed by the value of my IASIU membership in assisting with investigations. It was seen as really added value.
Over the years I stayed in touch with my IASIU friends and sometime in 2013 I was approached by one of them. He was working for a company and ask me to start working for them. And from then things quickly progressed. In 2014 I founded my own company and from 2016 I'm now fully self-employed and am currently working for three different companies. I met all of these companies through IASIU.
In my opinion, my experience demonstrates the true value of IASIU. It's about sharing knowledge, helping each other and making great friends all over the world. I've only attended IASIU seminars from the Europe chapter up until now, but I'm exploring the possibilities to join the 2017 seminar in New Orleans. I’m hoping to meet you there.

Best regards,
Joost Kersten

Joost has over 24 years of experience in law enforcement and insurance SIU. He has served as a police detective and was responsible for tactical insurance investigations. He speaks several languages and he now works for Mohawk Norway and INFORM GmbH in Germany. If you have any questions or remarks, you can contact Joost at

Successful IASIU Europe Seminar 2016
With more than 200 attendees, 24 speakers and 19 supporters from 20 different countries from all over the world IASIU Europe conducted its 8th Seminar on Insurance Fraud in Vienna from June 13-15.
It was a pleasure to see so many people talking about the latest trends in insurance fraud, strengthening their existing network and using the opportunity to make new contacts and friends. According to the number of attendees it was one of our most successful seminars in the recent history of IASIU Europe. The popularity of the IASIU seminar also reflects that insurance fraud is still a big challenge for the whole industry and this challenge is still growing as insurance fraud does not stop at the borders and is becoming more and more an international business.
The right answer for fighting cross border fraud is a global network of fraud fighters that act as one team and that is IASIU.

Board Elections
During the Business Meeting at the 8th IASIU Europe Seminar on Insurance Fraud the members re-elected Oliver Lindsiepe as President for another term of 4 years. Per Norström from Larmjänst, Sweden takes the place of Paul Kühne from Zurich Insurance, Switzerland as the new Vice President. Furthermore Tommy Holger Hansen from the Danish Insurance Association takes over the responsibility from Arne Knippel as Director. For the free directors position of Per Norström the members elected Michael Halm from Allianz Germany.
The members thanked Paul and Arne for their great work and dedication for IASIU over the past years.
Please click here to get an overview about the new Board of Directors!

IASIU International Seminar 2016
The IASIU International Seminar takes place from September 11-14, 2016 at the Red Rock Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.
Please find further information here.

Next IASIU Europe Seminar 2016
The next seminar will take place in Vienna, Austria. It will be held on June 13-15, 2016. The registration starts on 1st April.
Further information is coming soon.

Successful IASIU Europe Seminar 2014
Interesting topics, excellent speakers, professional networking: read what David Snow from Zurich Insurance Ireland wrote about IASIU Europe’s 2014 seminar in Dresden.

Board Elections 2014
IASIU Europe members elected Gianni Di Meo as new treasurer. He takes over this role from Steinar Braten. Gianni Di Meo (CIFI) is working as an investigator for Zurich Insurance Company in Switzerland.

New Bylaws
IASIU Europe members agreed to change the bylaws. The new bylaws are aligned with IASIU International’s bylaws. Some changes were made in membership classes and chapter institutions. The new bylaws have a clearer structure and provide better controlling processes.

European CIFI Test: Apply Now!
Take the opportunity and become a Certified Insurance Fraud Investigator! The next test for certification will be on June 16 in Dresden/Germany where IASIU Europe’s seminar will take place. For more information about CIFI requirements and application see here.

IASIU Europe Seminar 2014 Dresden / Germany

The board of IASIU Europe decided to organize the 2014 seminar again in Dresden/Germany. The decision was based on the excellent feedback we received from attendees and vendors after the seminar 2012. The seminar will be held June 16 – 18, 2014. The planning committee has already started the preparation for the seminar. It is in our intention to exceed the big success of our last seminar in 2012.

New Advisor of the Board

In our last board meeting in May in Zurich Ari Kaura was appointed as new Advisor of the European board.
Ari Kaura is from Finland and works for Tapiola Group. Ari replaces Per Norström who was appointed as Director last year.

IASIU Europe member David Snow published a book
IASIU Europe Member David Snow (Zurich Insurance Ireland) published the book ‘Someone has taken my place’.
Inspired by a true story ‘Someone has taken my place’ is an epic account of identity thefts and multiple insurance fraud. Irish private investigator Andy Stone is on the trail of the serial fraudster the Cowboy. Expert in the forensics of financial fraud investigations, Stone is obsessed with obtaining justice for the vulnerable citizens whose identities have been taken. Follow his chase across Europe and the United States of America as, with the help of FBI, ex-KGB and CIA agents, the American Secret Service, Interpol and the Irish police force, Stone pieces together the international conman’s tortuous spider’s web of illegal aliases and criminal intent. What is the evil secret at the heart of the multiple identity thefts and will Stone catch the Cowboy in time for justice to be served? Join him in his search for the truth.
You can buy this book at Amazon. A percentage of the sales of ‘Someone Has Taken my Place’ is being donated to ‘A Little Lifetime Foundation’, Ireland.

New Director of the Board
In our last board meeting in October in Cologne Per Norström was appointed as new director of the European board. Per was already advisor to the board and member of the planning committee for several IASIU Europe seminars.
Per Norström is from Sweden and works for Larmtjänst International. Per replaces Oliver Lindsiepe who was elected as new president of the European chapter.